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Inktober - 4 - Catwoman

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amerikate for sarah 



*black woman is sexual*
*black woman explicitly states that they’re doing it for themselves and nobody else*
*white feminist pulls up in their white feminist mini van blaring iggy azalea*
*adjusts their tina fey inspired frameless glasses* Ummmmmmmmm im uncomfortable with you doing that it makes me feel as if you’re pandering to the male gaze you should be more in control of your image sweetie:)

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that cat looks like it’s tryin really hard to curse someone

"Yeah, I’m walking in your path, buddy. You see me? I’m walking. WATCH OUT."

I want a black cat bab but like… I can’t have multiple Cats

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Where’s the perky psycho? You’re creeping me out.

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"It’s going to be a long fight, but it must be won at any costs." 

That episode of Person of Interest had me like…





Urgh, this show…


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Root and Shaw S4E05


The saddest thing about rewatching Legend of the Seeker is not that it was a perfect show, because it really wasn’t, but that it had more raw potential for female-friendly, queer-friendly, sex-positive fantasy than any other show in its genre. More than potential, sometimes. It made progressive steps, some large and some small, that excited the (majority female queer) fans because we saw hope for the future of fantasy.

What’s sad is that fandom took that potential and embraced it in fanworks, but more importantly, we hoped it would inspire other shows like it. Shows that would continue making progressive steps. Instead, no one watched, it got canceled, and fantasy is still drowning in failure and represented mostly by Game of Thrones and Once Upon a Time - shows that have none of LotS’ positive characteristics, and all the same downfalls.




Western Canadian Literature: “The prairie is cold and empty, like my marriage.”

Eastern Canadian Literature: “The sea is cold and empty, like my marriage.”

Cultural differences.

A few folks have commented that the preceding post is overly reductive, and I have to admit that I was perhaps a bit glib. Here’s an attempt at a more accurate summary, then.

British Columbia Literature: "The mountains are cold and empty, like - holy shit, a bear!"

Alberta Literature: “The prairie is cold and empty, like my attempts to reconnect with my heritage.”

Saskatchewan Literature: “The prairie is cold and empty, like my marriage.”

Manitoba Literature: “The prairie is cold and empty, like my relationship with my father.”

Ontario Literature: “The hills are cold and empty, like my faith in humanity.”

Quebec Literature: “The River is cold and empty, like my faith in God.”

Newfoundland Literature: “The sea is cold and empty, like my marriage.”

Nova Scotia Literature: “The sea is cold and empty, like my relationship with my son.”

Nunavut Literature: “The tundra is cold and empty, like the legacy of white colonialism.”

I think that about covers it.

early canadian settler lit is basically ‘why did we come here’  ·  and later canadian settler lit is ‘why are we still here’

general announcement: i am allergic to fandom wank please tag all your “fandom ruined this for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” opinions so my blacklist catches them and/or put them under a cut


Since our little corner of the Person of Interest fandom is slowly growing, a bunch of us Shooters thought it would be nice to celebrate with a fic-exchange. Kiss Kiss to You Too is just a great way to celebrate this wonderful fourth season, to welcome all those new fans in our cosy little group and mostly, to thank our great writers who write all kinds of great fluffy/angsty/epic/brilliant stories!

(The gorgeous header for this fic-exchange was created by the lovely drhollystewart by the way; be sure to check her blog out.)

Sign up here! You can join the challenge until October 26th, and the fics (750+ words) are due for December 19th.


Inspired by that post about Laura getting used to Carm stealing her pillow and then Carm returning it when it doesn’t smell like Laura anymore. (Sorry I can’t find the post anymore.)

The Yellow Pillow Chronicles - Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3